Vampiric Destiny

Somewhere in the mid 2000's, a boy named Harry Potter comes into his vampiric inheritance. Seeking out others like him, his journey begins...
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Rules and Regulations



Donít be a dee-dee-dee!

There are some very simple rules you should know when you start roleplaying. Follow them, and everything will go just fine.

1. No double-posts outside of collabs, personal chapters,plot-sensitive material, applications, or personal profiles. Basically,if itís not IC (In character) stuff, donít double post. Also, donítSPAM.

2. Know the distinction between IC and OOC. IC means incharacter, which would be your characterís thoughts, feelings, oractions. OOC means the roleplayer itself. Donít mix up IC/OOC knowledgeor relationships (love/hate). We will warn people if they mix up thetwo.

3. Follow feign ignorance. What happens OOC, orinformation exchanged OOC does NOT equate to your character knowing itIC. There are no psychics, and if you donít follow it then youíreessentially godmodding.

4. No godmodding. Write what your character is capable of,and know your characterís limits. Your character is not invincible, andhe does NOT know how to avoid every single thing thrown at him. Writethings that MAKE SENSE and BE FAIR. Play out both the strength andweakness of your character, and don't go on a power trip. Yourcharacter isnít as powerful as you think. Godmodding will be enforcedin fights.

5. Donít control another character. This goes along with #4. If you do control another character, get permission first.

6. No sudden character killings. Itís just plain wrong. Ifyouíre leading another person into a trap (IC wise), at least informthem of your intention OOC beforehand. Talk to the other character, andmake it clear. Discuss what will happen with the other person.

7. Use clean and correct writing. Be clear, be precise,spell check, correct mistakes. This applies to discussions also. Sinceitís a forum and youíre not pressed for time, please spell out the wordand use correct grammar and punctuation. Donít use shorthand. Spaceproperly. And all that other jazz.

8. The Staff's words and decisions are final.We have a reason for disapproving certain things. Donít argue with us,period. If you think you were judged unfairly, then discuss it with the your fellow players. For any decisions that influence the whole RP, we usuallydiscuss it first through chats and threads to let people know.

9. The Staffís decisions are final. Likewise, the staffhas a good reason to disapprove of your submissions. If you feel likeit should be approved, talk to the staff.

10. Do not angrily scream, bitch, flame, or spread hate about the Staff.If your stuff got disapproved or a decision was made to yourdisadvantage, then the Council/Staff must have had a reason for it. Becivil, be rational. Decisions are made for the good of the RP. We canítkeep everyone happy. =/

11. Be contributive. Have substance in your
posts and make them count. Donít spam, essentially. Your post count istotally meaningless. Donít go and make useless posts Ė you know whatthat means. Make yor chapters/collabs have meaning. Donít write purelyfor points because thatís stupid. This rule applies IC and OOC wise.

12. Do NOT mix canon characters in Harry Potter RP. We are in an alternate universe.

13. Have continuity. donít have your character be in 50 different open collabs at once. You know what we mean.

14. Keep it appropriate. Excessive violence or depictions of sex are not allowed. Donít post porn on the forums also.

15. Tone down excessive IC swearing.

16. Post in places where you are supposed to post. Donít post in other peopleís profiles or personal volumes (unless the other person agreed to it).

17. Be respectful. Donít be accusing, bitching, and such.Weíre a big happy community. Assholery will not be tolerated. Thisapplies to the forums and chats.

18. Write original material. Anything you post should be original.Any unethical behavior such as copy/pasting, stealing from others,excessive flashbacks (from your previous works) will result inexpulsion from the RP.

19. Be relevant. Donít go writing about Mecha, enough said.

20. Announce any planned absences. Please, please, pleasedo NOT vanish in thin air, especially if youíre on staff or a captain /vice captain. Please notify people and make arrangements.
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